Newsletter extra March 4 2021

Dear member,

The situation with the coronavirus is difficult in Finland, and the new significant restrictions may be reflected on the labour market. We at YTK do our best to serve our members. Please see below for guidelines on what to do if you are laid off or become unemployed.

Your help is important!

We have been following the development of the employment status through different surveys since spring 2020 to be able to prepare for any changes as quickly as possible and broadly enough. The Finnish Government has increased restrictions and declared a state of emergency. That will probably affect the employment of many people.​​​​​​​ We believe that you are the best judge of your own situation, so we would again like to hear your thoughts.

This questionnaire is short, so it only takes a few minutes to answer. It will provide us with important information for preparing, so by answering you will help us all.

Thank you very much for your co-operation!

Do as follows, if you are laid off

  1. Register in the TE Office right away.
  2. Apply for daily allowance two weeks later through OmaYTK.
  3. Apply according to the salary payment period.
  4. Please wait patiently, we will ask for the required additional information.

Do as follows if you become unemployed

  1. Register as a jobseeker without delay.
  2. Send your application for daily allowance two weeks later through OmaYTK.
  3. When you have sent your application you can concentrate on the most important thing – finding a new job. We will process your application for daily allowance as soon as possible.

YTK is prepared to serve you

Exceptional times and restrictions due to the coronavirus continue, and we are moving towards the spring in an uncertain mood despite the starting of vaccinations.

YTK has kept its level of readiness high since the beginning of last year. Our number of personnel is about twice the number in spring 2020. So we have doubled our staff, which shows in our ability to react to a high volume of applications. We have also harnessed automation and robotics to help us. Nevertheless, we can’t avoid queues. In addition to the exceptional conditions, congestion is caused by the fact that the applications arrive in large batches.

We actively inform our members about the status with processing, any amendments to the law, and other essential issues. We also update our website continuously. Up-to-date information on the processing times and reply times to messages can be found on our website at here.