Newsletter December 29, 2022

‘Courage means doing something even when the outcome is uncertain.’

‘I studied nursing, but it was not for me. So before I turned 30, I decided to get an HGV licence and soon found myself in the cab of a logging lorry. I would never have dreamt of it when I was young, but I have been driving for 15 years now, and I feel like I have found my place in the world’, said Mira Heikkilä from Loimaa in response to YTK’s survey.

‘I decided to switch to a new field after 10 years in accounting, so I began studying IT. Later on, I left my job, gave up my rental flat and moved to England. I returned to Finland, found work and began studying for a postgraduate degree at a university of applied sciences. In 2016, I began studying for a master’s degree in cybersecurity at university, and I am now happily working full-time in cybersecurity’, said Tiina Virta from Vantaa.

More than 8,000 YTK members told us openly about bold choices they have made in their careers. Many had changed jobs or studied to enter a new profession. But day-to-day work can also require courage – not all of us would have the guts to get behind the wheel of a logging lorry, for example. According to researcher Anniina Virtanen, circumstances always affect people’s opportunities to make bold choices.

What aspects of working life require courage? ​​​​​​​

Shape your career in your own way

The start of a new year is a good time to look at your past and future life, also from the perspective of your career. There are so many ways to shape your career. What kind of a careerist are you?

Read more about different career paths in our blog and discover our free top tips for online training courses in different fields! ​​​​​​​

‘This is the one thing that has always been clear to me: YTK is for everyone!’

In addition to joining the unemployment fund, our members can unleash the full benefits of YTK through a combined membership and get access to a comprehensive array of services that cover all aspects of working life. ‘The Lakikaveri legal service was instrumental in helping me to secure the wage I had been promised and win my case’, says our combined member Jyrki Lyytikäinen. The combined membership package also includes leisure-time accident insurance, which paid for all of the expenses he incurred from his accident.

Mika Mustakallio from Remmi: 
‘I find the stories of those who have found work through us both motivational and inspiring.’ 

‘I have always loved seeing how a job-seeker starts to regain their faith in the future at an interview or a meeting. I also take great personal pride every time a job-seeker succeeds in finding a job.’  

These are the words of Mika Mustakallio, who formerly worked as a ‘job-seeker’s buddy’ in Remmi Työpalvelu’s customer service team and now chairs the recruitment and staffing company’s Board of Directors. YTK Worklife and Remmi launched a joint pilot project called ‘Työvoitto’ (‘Winning in Work’) towards the end of 2022, which is aimed at finding work for one hundred YTK members. At the heart of the pilot is a team of recruitment consultants known as ‘job-seeker’s buddies’, who give moral support and help job-seekers to connect with employers.

Add comprehensive work-life services to your unemployment fund membership for just EUR 24!

As a combined member, you will have access to, for example, a lawyer to help you with any labour disputes as well as legal expenses insurance, leisure-time accident insurance and a library of thousands of online training courses for boosting your competence. Plus so much more!

Remember that the full benefits of the legal service and insurance cover are only unlocked after six months of combined membership, so if you are not already a member of YTK Worklife, now is the time to join!