Newsletter December 19 2019

It has been a busy year for us at YTK. Thank you for that!

  • 60 000 new members!
  • More than 440 000 members in total!
  • New employees
  • New office in Turku
  • Several amendments to law
  • System development
  • More than 20 000 contacts every month
  • Word has got around, YTK is recommended!
  • Services have developed and operations run smoothly
  • We have plenty of energy for the next year!

Continuous growth of nearly 30 years did not slow down this year. Nearly 60 000 new members joined our ranks during 2019. We wish to welcome both new members and those who have been with us for a longer time!

The 440 000th member of the fund was entered in the electronic register at the beginning of December. On average, over 5 000 people join YTK every month. This year the number of new members totals around 57 000.

YTK personnel wishes everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!   

YTK is one of the Most Inspiring Workplaces in Finland!

Good news! We received an excellent rating in this year’s Corporate Spirit personnel survey. Thus YTK is one the Most Inspiring Workplaces in Finland!

The recognition as one of the Most Inspiring Workplaces in Finland indicates that we have invested in the development of our operations by listening to the view of the personnel in the development of the workplace. We can gladly note that our employees are enthusiastic, motivated and devoted to working in a way to make our workplace the best.

The YTK Association published an interesting study on putting potential to use & informs that opportunity grants are selected:

Nearly one-third of Finns have considered changing jobs due to exhaustion – an expert gives five precision tips for doing well at work in 2020

According to a survey carried out by the YTK Association, the will to develop yourself is the most common reason for changing jobs, but nearly one-third of the respondents say that they have considered changing jobs or line of business due to exhausting work during the past three years. Many people also feel a conflict between their strengths and the expectations of the working life. The expert reminds that the Christmas holidays offer a good break for thinking about your own coping and the things that are the most important.

Winners of Opportunity grants selected: YTK Association supports the development of potential of its members with 10,000 euros

The winners of the YTK Association’s #MinussaOnMahdollisuuksia grant have been selected. Launched on the Day of Opportunities on 18 September 2019, the grant application was open for the past autumn. The YTK Association is giving its members a total of 10,000 euros as grants for studies related to the development or maintenance of own expertise, the purpose of which is to increase the opportunities to find a job or get along in the current job.