Newsletter December 18 2020

Thank you, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, colleagues, friends and relatives!

We want to highlight an important issue at the very start of this last letter of the year. We frequently ask your opinions and often receive many answers that help us to develop ourselves and make the improvements you wish.

We just received the answers to a questionnaire among newly joined members and this piece of feedback made us stop and think by being so topical:

“I became unemployed for the first time in 20 years this autumn, and I have never been a member of any unemployment fund, because I believed that my job is secure despite the current situation. I was unemployed for two months, after which I got a job, but I wanted to ensure that if I sometimes end up in a situation in which I have to give up the working life for a while, it would be less stressful if I were a member of an unemployment fund.”

It was also mentioned in dozens of answers that often the reason behind joining is a tip from mother, father, own child, close friend, or colleague, sometimes the employer or other helper. It is wonderful that there are so many caring people among you who think about the future of your loved ones. We wish to extend our warmest thanks to all those who have, by doing that little deed, helped someone who may have lost their job.

Here comes a valuable last-minute tip for a Christmas present!

When you recommend the membership of YTK to someone who is hesitant about their earnings-related security, you will ensure that they will be covered when times get tumultuous in the working life.

Next year the unexpected turns in working life will be covered with an annual fee of 119 euros, and if you also want to have a pile of other smart benefits worth thousands of euros, you can also join the YTK Association for a fee of 18 euros. <3

New tax card from MyTax

Earnings-related daily allowance is a taxable benefit. For the payment we need information on your withholding percentage. The easiest way to do it is in the MyTax service of the Tax Administration.

Invoicing of membership fees will start at the turn of the year

The posting of invoices for YTK’s membership fees will start on 4 January 2021. The due date will be in January. The membership fee for 2021 is 119 euros.

Processing times are at a good level

Last spring the lay-offs due to the coronavirus were seen and felt widely. To us they meant huge numbers of applications which we continued to process through the spring and summer almost around the clock. In August we managed to reach almost normal waiting times and since then the processing times have remained short.

Did you become unemployed or were you laid off?

Government decided on removing the unemployment path to retirement

The Finnish Government has decided to remove the additional days of unemployment security. The amendment will enter into force gradually from 2023 on. The purpose is to improve the employment rate of over 55-year-olds. The removal of the unemployment path to retirement may weaken the livelihood of aged unemployed persons. The overall reform package also includes other measures.

Quiet down for a while at Maaret Kallio’s blog entry

The year that is coming to an end was a challenging one for many people, and its repercussions will certainly remain visible for a long time to come. Maaret Kallio and the YTK Association want to offer information and tools for everyone to strengthen the hope.