Newsletter August 31, 2023

Does the income register seem complicated? Read our tips!

We regularly receive feedback from our customers that they find it complicated to use the register when applying for daily allowance. The person who is most often confused about the use of the register is a part-time worker who is applying for an adjusted daily allowance with a follow-up application. Many people are also confused about the inclusion of holiday pay in the register.    

Read our service developer Janica Nieminen's tips on the most common situations where the use of the Incomes Register can be confusing. Here are some tips on how to make it easier to use the register as part of your daily allowance claim.

Are you starting your studies?

You can also study on unemployment benefit. While the primary support for studying is always study allowance, there are also many opportunities built into unemployment benefit to use your unemployment time for studying. Always contact the TE Service first and make an agreement with the employment office about your studies.

Will you continue working as a teacher?

You do not have to notify the unemployment fund separately if you continue to work after the summer break. If you continue to work part-time, remember to apply for earnings-related allowance. If you work up to 80% of the working time of a full-time worker, you can claim an earnings-related allowance. The earnings-related allowance is reduced by the amount of wages paid, but the combination of wages and earnings-related allowance is more than just wages for part-time work. If you plan to apply for earnings-related daily allowance, remember to keep your job application valid with the TE services.

Is OmaYTK saying that your job application is not valid? Do this!

Have you ever been told by OmaYTK that we can't pay your daily allowance when everything should be in order? It could be that your TE statement has not been received. If this happens, you now have an easy way to order the necessary statement directly from OmaYTK. 

How to navigate in a changing working life?

Free online event open to all 4T Summit 6.9.2023 

Come and learn how you can develop the most important of work-life skills - finding alternatives in the turbulence of working life. We'll also discuss the impact of AI on work. This year's highly popular 4T Summit will feature speakers Marjaana Toiminen, Esa Riutta and Reidar Wasenius. The online event will kick off on 6 September at 14:00, so sign up now and tell a friend about the event! 

The event is organised by YTK Työelämä ry and Eduhouse. 

Take advantage of job search coaching!

As a fund member of the YTK, you can also opt for combined membership, which gives you access to a wide range of working life services in addition to the unemployment fund services. For just €24 a year, you get support and tools to find a new job, a legal adviser to help you with your employment problems, insurances for work and leisure, and other everyday savings.   

Combined membership includes online coaching for job search, where you'll get personalised guidance from a career coach. Professional tips to help you write your CV and job application, identify your skills or prepare for a job interview.  

You can also learn useful lessons from the training courses in the Online Training Library for Working Life. Start by learning about artificial intelligence in the brand new ChatGPT as a job seeker's tool or find new insights in Tips for an effective job search. All content is free for combined members.   

Note! Please remember to start by registering as an online training library user if you have not already done so. Read more  

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