Newsletter August 14 2020

Looking for new everyday joys!

Do you also feel that we are not yet back in the situation in which we hoped to be after the summer? There is uncertainty and frustration in the air. The schools are starting, remote working continues for many employees (at least here in YTK), and companies are thinking about their outlook for the autumn.

In such a situation we need to look for joy everywhere and share it with others! We are happy to see that the backlog of applications is clearing, and many of our industrious new employees hired at the peak times will continue to work with us in the autumn, too. You should also try to share some joy, even if it were not so easy right now. Give yourself or your loved ones a hug of appreciation, tell a surprise joke in your next team meeting, or go out to the woods to see what exciting things you might find there.

And don’t forget to delight us by responding to our new members’ questionnaire! Last time more than 20,000 people responded, could we now reach 30,000?

See how the coronavirus affected other members of the fund

We asked about your situation in a Jäsenpulssi questionnaire in early summer. Through the questionnaire we want to find out how our members are doing and how our services work, so that we can develop our services further to meet our members’ needs. See the results of the last Jäsenpulssi questionnaire! And remember to respond to the next Jäsenpulssi!

YTK is back up to speed

We will soon be again in a situation in which you can receive your money within a few weeks, at best even faster than that. E.g. for the completely laid off employees the processing time of first-time applications is in most cases just a few days.

The backlog of applications of unemployed persons and those in part-time employment has also been cleared swiftly. In the light of the current situation, the processing times for those will also be less than three weeks in August.

We have now got the situation under control, thanks to early measures, industrious YTK staff and more than one hundred new employees hired to help in the peak times.

Remember this relief: maximum payment period will not accumulate

A temporary amendment was passed in the spring according to which the maximum payment period of those laid off due to the coronavirus crisis shall not accumulate even though earnings-related daily allowance is paid. At the beginning of the summer the rule was extended so that the maximum payment period of the unemployed, entrepreneurs or those in part-time employment shall not accumulate, either.