Newsletter August 12

It’s going fine! Processing times are short and there are plenty of vacant jobs

We are moving towards the autumn in a hopeful mood. The volume of applications for daily allowance has been decreasing for four months in a row, and the processing rate of the applications is swift at the moment. There is currently a need for employees on the labour market, which opens up the opportunities for many to find a job.

Student! Keep your membership in the fund valid!​​​​​​​

In the autumn, many people rejoice about studying. The schools start and studying continues. At the same time, you may stop to think whether you need the membership of the fund anymore now that you’re a student. Fortunately it’s easy to answer; membership in the fund is the best way to prepare for the risk of unemployment even during studies. So it is worthwhile to keep your membership in the fund valid also during studies.

Everything you did not know about the waiting period

Waiting period is the time period at the beginning of unemployment and lay-off for the duration of which we cannot pay earnings-related daily allowance. If the waiting period comes as a surprise, it is probably confusing and exasperating, because you will receive less money for the first application period because of it.

How does it feel at a turning point of working life?

Renewal enables succeeding, and you should listen to your own need for a change. Sanna Alamäki, Managing Director of YTK, contemplates the reasons that led to the decision to head in a new direction.

Are you already a member of the YTK Association? Don’t miss these benefits!

As a member of the fund it’s worthwhile to remember the membership in the association which will give you considerable benefits for just 18 euros per year: You are insured with a liability and legal expenses insurance, and leisure-time accident insurance. You will get advice from a lawyer for problems in the employment relationship from a free-of-charge telephone number. You can use numerous membership benefits for job-seeking and career services, development of expertise, well-being and travelling, and will get access to other everyday savings!

See all your membership benefits!

Looking for a job? Suitability assessment coming up? Here’s how to prepare yourself!

Sometimes you come across different tests or assessments that measure suitability when looking for a job. Their purpose is to provide the employer and also you with further information on whether your qualities and abilities meet the requirements of the open position. Such tests may be exciting, especially it it’s the first time. Did you know that you can practice beforehand with tests available online? See our tips on how to prepare for a suitability assessment!

”This Eduhouse thing is just what I’ve been looking for a couple of years. Now those in temporary employment can improve their expertise at their own pace for 18 euros. Thank you for that! ????"