Newsletter April 24 2020

Number of applications is growing, situation picture becomes clearer

The number of lay-offs due to the coronavirus epidemic will be high in Finland, too. That may also concern you personally. You are certainly not alone, as among just YTK members there are 15 times more people laid off compared to last year. We all hope that the lay-offs will only last for a short time and that the normal everyday routines will soon start rolling again.

We have assessed the number of applications and proportioned our operations on the basis thereof continuously during the past few weeks. Based on the current information and the number of applications received we expect the peak in the processing times to occur in May and June. Then the payment time for some first-time applications may extend some weeks past 30 days. Every week the view becomes clearer, but no such situation is in sight that the payment times would exceed two months at any point.

We also continue to work actively to improve the situation. Thank you again for your feedback and encouraging messages. Each of them is very meaningful!

Take it easy, messages get through

We will reply to every message in their order of arrival. The messages have now piled up, but our efficient staff is working hard at them. Please just wait patiently.

Amendments to the law concerning the obligations of unemployed job-seekers

On Thursday, 23 April 2020, the Government presented to Parliament a proposal on amendments that will reduce the obligations of unemployed job-seekers during the coronavirus epidemic.

The proposed amendments would reduce the obligations of job-seekers, which would also cut down the duties of TE Offices and provide them with more resources to manage the congestion caused by the coronavirus epidemic.

Support coming for those absent from work without pay

The Government has proposed a compensation for the loss of earnings if a parent stays at home without pay to look after a child during the epidemic. The loss of earnings would also be compensated in a situation in which the person has been directed to quarantine-like conditions after returning to Finland from abroad. The proposal has not yet been approved.

Remember the benefits of combined members

Legal expenses insurance of the YTK Association

Combined membership of YTK provides different kinds of benefits. The YTK Association’s membership fee of 18 euros includes e.g. a legal expenses insurance in case of disputes in employment relationship.

You should, however, insure yourself on time. Unfortunately many people only wake up to the situation when something undesired happens in the employment relationship.

The use of the insurance requires e.g. a membership of the Association for 6 months. If the membership of the Association has been in force for under two years, the issues on which the civil or criminal case is based shall have arisen during the validity of the membership.

If you are not yet a member of the Association, read more about the benefits and join now.