Newsletter April 16 2020

The status of applications processing is still good

We have been actively monitoring the development of the number of applications during this week. Applications for daily allowance related to lay-offs keep coming in at a steadily growing rate, but our processing times are still normal. So far we have not had any other setbacks except for the unexpected late spring snowfall.

Our processing times are now the longest for first-time applications. Today, on 16 April, we are processing first-time applications that arrived on 1 April. The other types of application are being processed even faster.

You will find more accurate details for each type of application in the daily updated follow-up here. Under the same link you can view statistics on the numbers of received and processed applications, the increase of our personnel, and the numbers of contacts and responses.

We have received an incredible number of encouraging messages, ideas and great customer feedback. Thank you, thank you, thank you for each of them! Those messages have made us even more efficient, cheerful and industrious than before!

Temporary changes to the Unemployment Act approved

The temporary changes to the working condition and the waiting period stated in the Unemployment Security Act were approved on 9 April 2020. The changes entered into force on 15 April 2020, but they will be applied retroactively as of 16 March 2020.

The change means that the working condition was shortened for a fixed term in certain situations. Because of this, it is possible to pay applicants earnings-related daily allowance without the waiting period. In addition, it was agreed that the daily allowance paid due to lay-offs will not use up the maximum payment period of the daily allowance.

Applying for daily allowance will become easier

Today, 16 April 2020, we have published new guidelines in OmaYTK on how to apply for daily allowance. In the future you can retrieve the required salary information for the application directly from the Incomes Register and provide other required information by yourself. The number of the required attachments will decrease and the processing of the applications will become faster, and you will get your money sooner.