500 000.

Newsletter April 15 2021

There are already 500,000 of us!

YTK is Finland's largest and most well-known unemployment fund. We reached the 500,000-member limit. This is an immense number of Finns – almost one in four salary earners has acquired unemployment security for working life's challenges from us. 

Who are we?

  • There are members at 3,292 different postal codes.
  • Members are from all municipalities of Finland, from Hanko to Utsjoki and from Ilomantsi to Korsnäs
  • Of all the members joining in the first year of operation (1992), 240 person are still members
  • Most common names: Minna 3,983, Juha 6,938  
  • The average age of our member is 42 years. 

It is also exciting that a large number of us have become part of YTK by recommendation of a friend, relative, colleague or someone close to us. It shows that our service is good and worth recommending. This is a matter of honour for us: we evolve and develop our operations every day so that we can undoubtedly serve you better than you could even hope for.

Who would you recommend us to?

Now it's your chance to tell about us. Click on the button "lähetä kaverille (send to a friend)" in our newsletter so you can forward this message to someone who you would like to know about an efficient and affordable unemployment fund that also offers good customer service.

Among each person who has sent a recommendation, we will draw 10 GoGift gift cards worth €50. We can see the referee from the sent messages.

Why join YTK?

  • The world surprises, YTK provides earnings-related unemployment security
  • YTK is open to all employed persons regardless of their occupation
  • Finland's largest unemployment fund has the muscles to constantly improve according to the needs of our members

When you join today, the fund membership fee for the rest of the year is €85 (price on April 15th).

For the member of the fund, it is also possible to join the YTK Association, where comprehensive additional working life services can be obtained for only €18

Additional services by the association:

"Your service and communication are excellent, and last year I received my layoff compensation within a very humane time, even though it happened during the most turbulent times. I have recommended YTK for many years already."

"It's easy to join YTK. It's versatile and the advice and benefits are comprehensive. The web site is easy to navigate and the membership fee is really reasonable. Thank you for doing a good job!"

"Would recommend! The benefits in relation to the membership fee are useful and significant. Joining the fund brought a sense of security for myself, especially in view of the current world situation."