Newsletter April 13, 2023

Our campaign for a legislative amendment has gotten a great reception!

We want to amend the Unemployment Fund Act so that the unemployment fund could also help its members to become employed. Among other things, this is how our campaign Pitäisiköhän lakia muuttaa? (Think the law needs changing?) has been commented: 

“Anything that helps people find employment easier and faster is good for society.” 

“That would be a tremendously good idea!” 

“Unemployment funds should definitely have the right to announce vacancies and training opportunities. A one-stop-shop. Good idea.” 

We are very pleased with the great reception our campaign has received and hundreds of supportive comments! Of the 3000+ respondents on our campaign pages, nearly 90% are in favour of law change.  

But why does the current law prohibit funds from subsidizing the employment of their members, and what on earth is this based on? 

Denmark – a model country or something rotten?

Many party leaders referred to Denmark and its exemplary employment record during the election campaign debates. But what exactly is the "Danish model" that everybody is talking about? We visited two unemployment insurance funds and their cooperation body in Denmark in February this year. 

Returned from parental leave; was illegally terminated — an agreement was reached with the help of Lakikaveri

The employee who returned from parental leave was terminated shortly after their return in change negotiations, even though they would have been eligible for a new job description created for the organisation. The case was mediated quickly with the help of the Lakikaveri. 

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