Newsletter 31.3.2022

Unemployment down by nearly one third from this time last year

Unemployment is rising slightly, but this can be attributed to normal seasonal fluctuation. The impact of the war in Ukraine is not yet visible in unemployment figures.

Tourism and manufacturing sector workers particularly worried about the economic impact of the Ukraine war

An extensive survey has shown that 43% of respondents are concerned how the war in Ukraine and economic sanctions impact their job situation. Workers in the tourism, hotel and restaurant industries and manufacturing, communication and retail sectors were the most concerned.

What’s new in unemployment security

Changes to jobseekers’ obligations on 2 May
On 2 May 2022, TE Offices and municipalities participating in the experiment will introduce a new labour market service model. In the new model, jobseekers are given more autonomy and individual support at an earlier stage of the job search. Sanctions related to unemployment security will also be relaxed and staggered. 
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What to do if you are laid off or unemployed

  1. Straight away: Register with the TE Office as an unemployed jobseeker on the first day of the lay-off at the latest.
  2. After two weeks. When you have been laid off for two weeks, you can submit your first daily allowance application to us.
  3. Once you have submitted your application, you can take it easy and relax. We will process your daily allowance application as soon as possible.

Member story: Hands in the dirt and Zoom lectures at the holiday home

Susanna Arponen answers the phone from her workplace surrounded by garden plants. Spring season has begun at the Helsinki garden centre.

Susanna, who has been a member of YTK for over a decade, has her days full with work at the garden centre alongside Zoom lectures, exams and exercises.  Susanna is a fourth-year student at the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry in the University of Helsinki. She has spent the majority of her studies under COVID-19 restrictions, but Susanna hasn’t been discouraged by this.  

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"It’s great that members are able to benefit from their membership in this way. This is also a public health matter in a positive sense.”

“This exceeded all my expectations. Thank you so much for organising the training. I had a great time.”

This winter and spring, we have invested in well-being with the Työelämäkuntoon professional well-being challenge, which thousands of members have already enthusiastically joined – with tremendously positive feedback! As a result of the challenge, YTK Association has added many new membership benefits, such as free online courses and coaching and other benefits promoting well-being, from health checkups to physical and mental wellness.

Could a substitutes' bench exist in working life?

Exhaustion and burnout are already tormenting people in their 30s. The phenomenon is highlighted, for example, in the field of e-Sports, where many exit the gaming world under the age of 30. KOVA, a Finnish e-Sports operator, aims to change the stressful culture with the help of reserve players. Could this be applied in other areas, as well?

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