Newsletter 28.4.2022

“I talked to my friends about it, and it seemed liked a smart decision”

The beginning of the year has brought us more than 20,000 new members. Welcome, everybody! All new members have their own unique story, but they – or you – also have something in common.

  • Most of the new members are 30 to 40 years old. A slight majority are men.
  • Most of those who stated their profession work in construction. There are also a lot of members from the commercial sector and the transport industry.
  • In March, the number of health care professionals among our members grew clearly compared to other occupational groups.
  • Recommendations from friends are the most common reason to join the YTK!

Spring membership survey dived into different forms of working and the pull factors of different sectors

As usual, our March Member Pulse membership survey investigated our members’ views on current work and unemployment issues. In addition to the standard questions, we also wanted to find out what our members thought about the effects of the war in Ukraine on their work. We also asked how satisfied our members were with their work arrangements.

Give a gift to a new graduate

Now is a great time to remind a recently graduated family member or friend to join the YTK. It’s a good idea to join on the first day of work!

Remind a new graduate to join an unemployment fund. You can also pay the first YTK membership fee for them as a graduation gift. We have a card that you can use as such or as a template for your own card.

What’s new in unemployment security

What to do if you are laid off or unemployed

  1. Straight away: Register with the TE Office as an unemployed jobseeker on the first day of the lay-off at the latest.
  2. After two weeks. When you have been laid off for two weeks, you can submit your first daily allowance application to us.
  3. Once you have submitted your application, you can take it easy and relax. We will process your daily allowance application as soon as possible.

Join the YTK Association for even more benefits!

“I know that many younger people would’ve given up trying to go after the unpaid wages”

As a member of the YTK, you can get help with employment issues from the Lakikaveri legal advice service. What problems can the legal advice service help you with? Here’s an example: our member, Teppo, was not paid overtime as he was supposed to. Through our legal service, a lawyer helped Teppo to claim unpaid overtime pay with late payment interest. Read more about Teppo’s case

Sign up for free LinkedIn workshops! (Workshops are in Finnish)

Strengthen your LinkedIn skills and sign up for free online workshops on Zoom to practice using LinkedIn for different purposes: 

  • Tue 24 May, 3 p.m.–6 p.m. LinkedIn and job search – for active job seekers 
  • Wed 25 May, 3 p.m.–6 p.m. LinkedIn and pursuing your goals – for anyone wanting to develop their skills 

Sign up now – places are limited in number! 

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