Newsletter 26th June 2023

Unemployment funds will be allowed to support employment

We at YTK have long dreamed of being able to help our members more with their employment. That is why we have been working hard over the past year to achieve this goal. Our work paid off: the new government programme includes the possibility for unemployment funds to offer employment services to their customers.

Thank you for the tremendous support and enthusiasm we have received from you, our members, along the way!

The first step has been taken and the journey towards the next one can begin. Now that the government is tightening the conditions of unemployment benefits, supporting employment is even more important. In the future, we will secure your job with more than just a daily allowance.

Go to e-invoice and win a100 € gift voucher

With e-invoicing, you can manage your membership fees more easily, flexibly and securely than with a paper invoice. By switching to e-invoicing now, you will be entered into a prize draw to win a €100 gift voucher. E-invoicing is a convenient way to keep your bills under control.

Do I get paid for the holiday?

By law, as an employee you are entitled to be paid during your leave. Your holiday pay depends, among other things, on the type of pay system you have in your employment relationship. Depending on your collective agreement, you may also be entitled to holiday pay.

Forget the traditional paths and discover the power of alternatives at the 4T Summit!

Last autumn's super-popular 4T Summit is back! Join us to learn how you can develop the most important work-life skill of the future - finding alternatives. The turmoil in the world of work is underway, and that's what makes this the best time for us as individuals!

4T Summit - Emotions, Skills, Work Life and the Future 6.9.2023.
Registration opens in August!

Free up time for more meaningful activities in your everyday life with AI!

With the Practical AI course, you will get to know the secrets of artificial intelligence that has revolutionized our world and how you can make your everyday life and work easier with the help of AI. The course, which is open to all, is a university-level and free way to learn about the topic in a practical and low-threshold way, always within your own schedule.

Do you know your pay rights? Even your employer doesn't always know, so you should be careful!

The Lakikaveri service that YTK Worklife offers for its members has revealed that there is a lot of confusion about pay issues for both employees and employers. Employees may have been underpaid or may not have received their bonuses. Employers are not always aware of pay practices either, so it is important to be vigilant.

Several new benefits for combined members!

The summer brings new benefits for combined members of YTK. Contribute to your own well-being by taking advantage of the brand new Mindfulness coaching or enjoy Elisa Kirja's diverse selection of audio and e-books. We offer you both benefits completely free of charge! Our already comprehensive hotel benefits are now even more extensive!

Choose comprehensive working life services on top of your membership for only 24 €!

As a combined member, you get access to a dedicated lawyer for employment problems and legal expenses insurance, accident insurance for leisure time and a library of thousands of online training courses to develop your skills. And much more!

Remember that to take full advantage of the lawyer's service and insurance, you need to be a member of the YTK Worklife for 6 months, so don't delay!