Newsletter 25.8.2022

5+1 Reasons Why Your Own Expertise Is Worth Making Visible

There used to be a single CV document, today there are considerably more channels and means to highlight one's expertise. According to our survey, branding skills seems unfamiliar to many, but it is worth learning. The benefits are palpable: when you bring up your skills, you can get a job easier.

Read dissertation researcher, lecturer Kati Koivusen's tips on why you should build your own brand in working life, whether you are a manager, expert or employee!

Unemployment mitigation must aim at increasing people’s happiness

The YTK Association held a panel at the SuomiAreena event in Pori on 14 July discussing agile solutions to persistent unemployment. The discussion delved into the topic beyond euros and statistics, and brought up optimism and happiness as ways for implementing fearless solutions.

“Reducing the stigma associated with unemployment would be a radical solution. We need to make unemployed people feel less uncomfortable, not more,” said consultant and researcher Mikko Leskelä, one of the panellists.   

 “Unemployment funds should be given opportunities to help their members find work. YTK has the capacity to do this and I believe that we could effectively support our members’ employment. This would benefit everyone,” suggested Auli Hänninen, Managing Director of YTK.

What kind of feedback did we receive in the Member Pulse and how do we respond?

In the Member Pulse of June we asked how we could serve you even better and what other services you would like us to provide. We received thousands of replies, thank you for those! Below you can see a few selected questions and our responses.

”I would have needed information in connection with changing jobs about whether I need to notify the fund thereof, but could not find the information.”

Changing jobs or other changes in the employment relationship never need to be notified to the unemployment fund. We only need information about the changes in the employment relationship in case you apply for daily allowance. Instructions for such situations can be found on our website home page.

”There should be seminars about the future of employment and coping at work. It seems to be very topical and significant in terms of the future. Who will do all the work in the future?”

The YTK Association will arrange on 14 September an online event called 4T Summit – Tunteet, taidot, työelämä, tulevaisuus (4T Summit –Emotions, skills, working life, future) which will look into the future working life and the skills required in it under the guidance of e.g. Futurist Perttu Pölönen. The event is open for everyone and free of charge! Read more and join us!

”I would hope that you could also act as an employment agent and develop modern and dynamic ways to help the job-seekers and employers to find each other.”

So do we! The law, however, sets precise restrictions on our duties: at present we are not allowed to help job-seekers to find work. We have proposed that employment funds should be allowed to promote the employment of their members. That would benefit the job-seekers, employers as well as society on the whole. Read more about the subject in our blog (only in finnish).

”I am really happy with the activities. I can’t imagine being a member somewhere else. And yes, I have recommended you to everyone.”

That’s great to hear! Thank you for your membership, recommendations, and feedback <3

Sign up now for the 4T Summit event on 14 September. The topic is your working life!

Join us for inspiring and entertaining afternoon and come and hear what skills you should work on to keep pace with the changing working life and stay curious, inspired and healthy!

 In the 4T Summit - Tunteet, taidot, työelämä ja tulevaisuus online event on 14 September at 14.00—16.30, Henkka Hyppönen, Perttu Pölönen and Kirsi Polvinen discuss the role of people in the working life of the future, what the most essential career skills are, and why curiosity and the joy of learning are important. The event is open to everyone and free of charge, so invite your friends!  

The event is hosted by YTK Association, which provides inspirational career services, and Eduhouse, a pioneer in digital learning. Eduhouse's online training library is available free of charge for all members of YTK Association!

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Fitness advisor and model, social influencer, actress, radio personality — what's next for Janni Hussi?

Janni has always had many irons in the fire. How does this famous bundle of energy feel about learning new skills and developing one's expertise? And what is Janni’s professional well-being like?

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