Newsletter 20 October 2023

Legislative changes for 2024

Last week, the government presented its proposal for changes to the unemployment benefit law. The bills include the following changes: 

  • Freezing of indexes 

  • Periodicity of holiday compensation 

  • Increasing the waiting period days from five to seven 

  • Abolition of child increases 

  • Deletion of the exempt amount 

  • Tying the working condition to ​​​​​​​your income and extending the working condition from 6 to 12 months 

The proposed changes to the law will not immediately affect the earnings-related daily allowance currently paid. If the amendments are adopted, the first effect will be that next January, there will be no increase in the earnings-related daily allowance, because there will be no index adjustment. This change will apply to all recipients of the earnings-related allowance. 

Thanks to you, the OmaYTK jams are getting less frequent and the help texts are getting better!

We have made an update to OmaYTK that will reduce the application jams that often occur at the turn of the month. At the same time, based on your feedback, we will also update the instructions on what to write on the application in each situation.
The feedback we receive from you will be carefully read and listened to. Both we and our system partners work every day to make OmaYTK as easy as possible for you to use. For example, the comments on the help texts in particular have gone through a rigorous review process and we have now made quite a few changes to them.

​​​​​​​We've also known for a long time that applications get bogged down at the turn of the month. Updating information systems is a complex and lengthy job, but here too the pieces have now been put in place. We'd love to hear if the changes are perceived to be helpful!
At the YTK, we want unemployment benefits to feel understandable and we will continue to ask you to give us feedback on how you feel about filling in your daily allowance application in OmaYTK.

Take advantage of job search coaching!

As a fund member of the YTK, you can also opt for combined membership, which gives you access to a wide range of working life services in addition to the unemployment fund services. For just €24 a year, you get support and tools to find a new joba legal adviser to help you with your employment problemsinsurances for work and leisure, and other everyday savings.   

Combined membership includes online coaching for job search, where you'll get personalised guidance from a career coach. Professional tips to help you write your CV and job application, identify your skills or prepare for a job interview.  

You can also learn useful lessons from the training courses in the Online Training Library for Working Life. Start by learning about artificial intelligence in the brand new ChatGPT as a job seeker's tool or find new insights in Tips for an effective job search. All content is free for combined members.   

Note! Please remember to start by registering as an online training library user if you have not already done so. Read more  

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