Newsletter 17.8.2023

"A willingness to change and mental resilience are best developed within a community: by observing and supporting each other."

In today's world of work, people are required to be mentally flexible. According to brain coach Reidar Wasenius, simply adapting to change is not enough: job seekers should show that they are active observers and actors.

At the 4T Summit online event, we will explore the future of working life and artificial intelligence 6.9.2023

What is the role of the individual in the changing world of work? How can you use AI in your working life now and in the future? Or how do you navigate the jungle of options for your own career path? Reidar Wasenius will also participate in the 4T Summit together with Marjaana Toiminen and Esa Riutta. The trio will present their views on what skills are needed in the working life of the future and how to develop these skills.

Don't miss this event, sign up now! The event is free and open to all, and is organised by YTK Työelämä ry together with Eduhouse (only in Finnish).

Earnings security is being reformed - are you even interested? Answer our questionnaire!

The new government is making a number of changes to income security and working life. It has already been announced that the reforms will be implemented during the next year. It's important to us to help you through the ups and downs of your working life, so we're now looking at how you can feel safe and secure in the midst of change. You may find that the amount of income support you receive will be reduced, but some of the changes may not affect you at all. We are now planning communications on this topic and would like to hear your wishes and ideas. We've created a questionnaire that will take you just a few minutes to answer.

Can I study on daily allowance?

Studying has many benefits. It diversifies your skills and improves your chances of finding a job or even changing your career. Unemployment benefit is not in principle intended to support your studies, but there are certain situations where you can study and receive daily allowance at the same time.

Hotel benefits for every occasion

Did you know that as a member of YTK Worklife you get a wide range of hotel benefits all over Finland? The range of hotel and spa benefits has been extended even further at the end of the summer: as a new feature, you will receive a -15% discount for a night in Vierumäki.

Switch to e-invoices and win a 100 € gift card!

With an e-invoice, you can manage your membership fees more easily, flexibly and securely than with a paper invoice. When you switch to e-invoicing now, you'll be entered into a prize draw for a 100 € gift card. E-invoicing is a convenient way to keep your bills under control.

Choose comprehensive working life services on top of your fund membership for only 24 €!

As a combined member, you get access to a dedicated lawyer for employment problems and legal expenses insurance, accident insurance for leisure time and a library of thousands of online training courses to develop your skills. And much more!

Remember that to take full advantage of the lawyer's service and insurance, you need to be a member of the YTK Worklife for 6 months, so don't delay!