Newsletter 17.2.2022

We are sorry about the long processing times

The first months of the year are busy times regarding unemployment security. In January–February the number of applications is at its highest, and many first-time applications are submitted. At the same time, new tax cards arrive, and our membership fee invoices are sent out.

To tackle the backlog we are giving priority to the processing of applications. We see to it that all possible employees are placed in the processing of applications. The number of messages and calls to the customer service is steered by providing comprehensive advice. That includes, for example, telephone information messages, highlights on the website, chatbot adjustments, and these newsletters.

Despite the measures taken, the processing times are now longer than what we aim at. We are sorry about that. We think that you should receive your earnings-related daily allowance as quickly and flexibly as possible. The same also applies to the customer service.

Latest news on unemployment security:

Joint application is starting!

Young people in the family should pay attention to the joint application. By applying to training they can ensure that they will retain the right to receive unemployment security benefits. Continue reading >>

Do you want to take time off?

Early in the year many of you have asked us about job alternation leave. The same also applies to our website traffic. During the first weeks of the year, information on job alternation leave was searched twice as much compared to a similar period at the end of last year. Read more >>​​​​​​​

Government decided on condition regarding employment measured by earnings

The Government has decided on employment promoting measures, and the most significant change is the condition regarding employment measures by earnings. Furthermore, the Government decided that copyright remuneration would not affect the unemployment security in the future. The conditions of independent studying on unemployment security will also be amended. The targeted schedule is tight with goal at the beginning of the next year, but the bills have not been given yet. Read more >>

What to do if you are laid off or unemployed

  1. Straight away: Register with the TE Office as an unemployed jobseeker on the first day of the lay-off at the latest.
  2. After two weeks. When you have been laid off for two weeks, you can submit your first daily allowance application to us.
  3. Once you have submitted your application, you can take it easy and relax. We will process your daily allowance application as soon as possible.

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