Newsletter July 17 2020

Summer is here!

Thank you all for being with us this spring. It has been a strange and difficult period. However, many of us are now able to take our holidays or at least enjoy the long summer days.

We would especially like to thank you for the thousands of encouraging messages that you have sent us. They have meant a lot to us.

We hope that you have a great July!

Remember to tell students about membership!

For many young people, a summer job is the first springboard to the labour market, whether it is gardening or their first job in their chosen industry that they spend their summer doing. We here at YTK have also got into the habit of hiring students to help us with, for example, claims handling and customer service during the summer, and this year is no exception. Summer jobs give us an opportunity to provide young people with valuable work experience, and they are a huge help to us during these busy times: a win–win situation if ever there was one!

Please remember that the employment history that summer workers accumulate towards qualifying for benefits is only good for as long as they also belong to an unemployment fund. Even when the summer job ends and studies resume in the autumn, an active membership is a must!

Here is what our summer worker Emil said about working at YTK:

“After the information overload of the first few days, I have now got the hang of claims handling. It is also comforting to know that there are always colleagues whom I can ask if I am unsure about anything. Even though we are all now working from home, I have not felt alone. The positive vibe and energy of the team that even comes across through headphones and computer screens is actually one of the best things about working at YTK.”

Temporary amendments are extended to end the of the year

The corona spring introduced a number of temporary amendments to unemployment security. The validity of these amendments is now extended to the end of the year. We have collected a summary of these amendments on our website.

Here are a few good reasons to join the YTK Association. Play the video! (in Finnish)

There is still no vaccine, but at least we can protect our computers against viruses

Among YTK members’ favourite benefits year after year are information security products provided by F-Secure. Our members get discounts worth several dozens of euros! F-Secure Safe can be used on both mobile devices and computers, and it not only protects against malware but also lets you to, for example, control your children’s internet use. Freedome VPN is a user-friendly and powerful privacy application that allows you to connect safely to any public Wi-Fi network, block harmful sites and easily get around geo-blocking to access the content that you want. This service, too, is dozens of euros cheaper for YTK’s members!

Go get yourself some smart benefits!

LinkedIn training in August (in Finnish)

August brings tangible know-how, inspiration and more efficiency to the way we use LinkedIn. Is there anything about LinkedIn that you would particularly like to know or learn how to do? More information about the course will be shared in August, so watch this space!