Membership fee bills due in January

YTK will be sending out bills for next year’s membership fees on 3 January 2022. The bill’s due date will be in January/February. The membership fee for the year 2022 is EUR 115. 

We will be sending out bills for next year’s membership fees on 3 January 2022. Depending on your billing preferences, you will either receive a digital bill via online banking or a paper bill by post to your home address. If you use the OmaPosti app and you have authorised YTK to send you correspondence and bills electronically, you will receive your bill via the app. The bill’s due date will be between 20 January and 4 February 2022 depending on the month in which you were born.

We use the revenue from membership fees to cover our share of the benefits that we pay to our members. The amount of each year’s fee therefore depends on the level of unemployment among our members. The coronavirus pandemic has increased our benefit expenses considerably. We expect unemployment and our benefit expenses to decrease next year, although they are still likely to be high compared to pre-COVID-19 figures.​​​​​​​

Go paperless!

If you currently receive bills from us by post, now is the time to go paperless. Paperless billing is a convenient and environmentally friendly way to pay your annual membership fee.

You can change your billing preferences yourself in your online banking app. You will need your membership number and the reference number of your previous bill, which you can find in OmaYTK, for the authorisation.