Make your life easier – go paperless, switch to e-invoices!

By subscribing to the membership fee invoice as an e-invoice to your online bank, you make it easy for yourself to pay the membership fee and at the same time save the environment.

Do as follows:

  1. Check your invoicing method in OmaYTK.
  2. If the invoicing method is an e-invoice, everything is in order and you can congratulate yourself!
  3. If the invoicing method is something other than an e-invoice, order an e-invoice proposal from the same place to your online bank.
  4. Accept the proposal we have submitted in your online bank within 30 days!

You can also make the e-invoice authorisation yourself in your online bank. Select the general unemployment fund YTK as the sender of the invoice. To make an authorization, you will need your membership number and the reference number of your previous invoice. You can find these information in the OmaYTK service.

If you have recently joined, you will always receive your first membership fee invoice by mail. Only with the information on your first invoice can you make an e-invoice authorisation. The e-invoice authorisation therefore always applies to the membership fee invoice for the following year at the earliest.