Keep working even while you are laid off

Much of Finland is closed in order to beat the coronavirus epidemic. That has caused major problems at many workplaces and as a result many people have been laid off or have lost their job completely.

During lay-off and unemployment, your livelihood is secured by unemployment benefit. However, you shouldn’t let the unemployment benefit bring you down or prevent you from using your own expertise. Unemployment benefit can be easily fitted together with short-term or part-time employment. Different forms of entrepreneurship are also within your reach.

So if you spot or come across job opportunities, they are definitely worth seizing. If you decide to take on a job opportunity, notify the TE Office thereof and also mention your employment in the application for daily allowance. We will take care of the rest.

If you are in full-time employment for two weeks, we will pay you daily allowance up to the beginning of the employment. We can then continue paying the daily allowance when you stop working.

If your employment lasts for less than two weeks, or if you are in part-time employment, the salary paid will affect the amount of the daily allowance. In that case you will receive adjusted daily allowance. You can read more about it on our website. The principal rule is that income of under 300 euros will have no effect on the unemployment benefit, and after that every euro earned will reduce the payable benefit by 50 cents.

Different invoicing services are also a convenient way to do small jobs. For the purposes of unemployment security, working through invoicing services is viewed as entrepreneurial activities which need to be notified to the TE Office. However, regarding those laid off on 16 March 2020 or later, the TE Office will not examine the effect of the entrepreneurial activities on the unemployment benefit, so in that respect the procedure is very straightforward in the current exceptional circumstances.