Joint application affects unemployment security

Now is the time to remind the young people in the family about joint application. By applying for education you can ensure that you retain the right to unemployment security benefits.

According to the Unemployment Security Act, young people under 25 years of age who have no education shall not be entitled to unemployment benefit paid on the basis of unemployment from the beginning of the autumn term on, if they have failed to apply for a minimum of two study places without a valid reason before the studies start in the autumn.

The obligation to apply cannot be avoided by applying for places in which you do not qualify as a student. It is not necessary to receive a study place, however. It is enough that you apply for at least two places suited to you.

The purpose of the law is to encourage young people to look after their own education. Studies show that education is a significant factor for finding a job.

The second joint application of the spring is starting

The second joint application of this spring will start on 18 March 2020 and end on 1 April at 3.00 p.m. It is possible to apply for as many as six available study places with one application form in joint application. You can find more information at

Although the joint application of the spring is a good and practical system and time to apply for education, the obligation to apply for study places is not limited according to whether the education in question is within joint application or not, or whether you apply for it through joint application. In practice, applications for education starting in the autumn are submitted in the spring, but as the application period is not restricted by the law, it is enough to apply for a study place before the beginning of the autumn term.

So if you are late from joint application, it’s important to note that in addition to joint application, institutes organise continuous applications through which you can apply around the year for different vocational basic and special qualifications. If you participate in such application before the beginning of the autumn term, you will fulfil the obligation to apply.

When you are thinking of future studies, you should not set too strict limits. All studying is useful, and you can find your career in an unexpected place. Good luck with applications!