It’s going fine! Processing times are short and there are plenty of vacant jobs

We are moving towards the autumn in a hopeful mood. The volume of applications for daily allowance has been decreasing for four months in a row, and the processing rate of the applications is swift at the moment. There is currently a need for employees on the labour market, which opens up the opportunities for many to find a job.

The number of incoming applications for daily allowance has been decreasing for four months in a row at YTK. In July, we received around 25,000 applications for daily allowance less compared to the March of the current year. So fewer people become unemployed, and the labour market also functions much better than it did in the spring.

The media have reported about a shortage of labour which concerns an increasing number of lines of business. According to e.g. Helsingin Sanomat and Taloussanomat, there is a need for employees especially in the social and health care sector, industry and construction, but employees are also wanted for many other jobs around the country.

The situation with the coronavirus is still acute, and possible restriction measures may also affect employment during the autumn. At the moment, extensive lockdown of society is not to be expected, because the vaccinations are proceeding well and the number of coronavirus patients in hospitals has remained moderate. So there are many reasons for expecting that the positive situation with employment and unemployment will continue through the autumn.

Your application will be processed within a few days

The processing time of applications for daily allowance at YTK is at an excellent level. Right now (5 August) the processing time for first-time applications as well as manually processed further applications is five days. These times do not concern automatically processed further applications with no changes compared to earlier applications. They are processed immediately after arrival.

So if you are faced with unemployment or lay-off, you need not wait for the processing of the daily allowance for a long time. You should, however, note that the transferring of money always takes two business days after the processing of the application.