Is my membership in YTK valid?

OmaYTK is the easiest and fastest way to check whether your membership is valid.

  1. Log in OmaYTK. To log in you need either online banking codes, mobile certificate or a certificate card. See here for more detailed instructions on logging in.
  2. Check in OmaYTK that the status of your membership fee is paid. If you are a member of both the YTK Unemployment Fund and the YTK Association, the status of the membership fees is shown separately for each membership.
  3. If your membership fee has been paid, your membership is valid.
  4. If your membership fee is unpaid, you should pay it immediately. Only by paying the membership fee will you ensure that your membership remains valid. If you have just paid the membership fee, there is a delay of a few banking days before the information is updated in OmaYTK.

The membership of the unemployment fund alone does not guarantee that you are entitled to receive earnings-related daily allowance. See here for more detailed information on what are the requirements for receiving earnings-related daily allowance.