Invoicing of membership fees will start at the turn of the year

The posting of invoices for YTK’s membership fees will start on 4 January 2021. The due date will be in January. The membership fee for 2021 is 119 euros.

We will send the invoices for the next year’s membership fee on 4 January 2021. Depending on you invoicing method you will receive the invoice either as an e-invoice directly to your online bank or by post to your home address. The due date will be in January and it may vary according to your month of birth.

We use the membership fees to finance the unemployment fund’s share of the benefit expenditure. Thus the membership fee depends directly on the unemployment rate of the members. Due to the coronavirus epidemic the benefit expenditure has increased, and we anticipate that the unemployment rate and benefit expenditure will remain at a high level also next year.

YTK’s finances lie on a firm foundation and our operations are efficient. Due to the high unemployment rate, however, we have nearly doubled the number of our employees during the epidemic. At the same time the number of members has delightfully increased to nearly half a million, so the costs of the operations are divided between a larger number of members. The share of growing operating costs of the increase in the membership fee is low.