Our telephone service (open mon-thu between 10 am and 2 pm) is now busy. Our customer service point in Loimaa is closed until further notice. Contact us via OmaYTK.

Our telephone service and chat are closed on 3.4.

Information on invoicing of the membership fee for 2019

The sending of YTK membership fee invoices will start in stages on 2 January 2019. If you are a member of both General Unemployment Fund YTK and the YTK Association, you will receive invoices for both memberships at the same time.

The amount of the membership fee for 2019 will be confirmed in November, but we can already now promise that it will not increase.

Order an e-invoice

Please check your invoicing method in the OmaYTK service. If you have not yet requested to receive the invoice for YTK membership directly to your online bank, write down your membership and reference numbers for an e-invoice authorisation.

You can give the e-invoice authorisation in your own online bank. If you are a member of both General Unemployment Fund YTK and the YTK Association, you need to give a separate authorisation to both organisations. Please note that the membership and reference numbers of the fund and the association differ from each other.

Remember to pay your membership fee by the due date

Paying the membership fee is the only way to ensure that your membership will continue. Only members are entitled to earnings-related benefits. YTK will terminate the memberships of those who have failed to pay their membership fee. If your membership ends at termination of membership by YTK, it does not only mean that you will not be entitled to security through membership of YTK. At the same time, you will also lose the accumulated membership and employment periods. In other words you need to re-join as a member, and thus start accumulating the condition regarding membership and employment required for the right to receive earnings-related daily allowance from the beginning.

You should pay the membership fee in any case

The membership fee of YTK is the same for all members and it shall be paid in all situations. If you are e.g. a student, in military or civil service, on maternity or parental leave or on a long sick leave, you should pay the membership fee as per normal. E.g. the above-mentioned are acceptable reasons for absence from the labour market and hence can extend the normal 28-month evaluation period for the condition regarding employment by up to seven years. So you will retain your accumulated membership and employment periods by paying the membership fee.

If your membership will no longer be needed next year, you should end your membership

If your membership in YTK will no longer be needed next year e.g. due to retirement, please send a notice of resignation to us. You can fill out an electronic notice of resignation on our website. It is not possible to end the membership by telephone.

If you have not yet received your pension decision, you should pay the membership fee as per normal. Send your notice of resignation only after you have received an official decision on the commencement of pension. That way you will ensure that you are covered until the commencement of pension and will avoid any unpleasant surprises. When you state the date of commencement of pension in your notice of resignation, we will refund the share of the membership fee for the rest of the year (sums of under € 10 will not be refunded).

Get value for your money

Don’t forget to use our knowledgeable customer advice services in all questions regarding employment security and the benefits offered by the YTK Association to its members!

If you are not yet a member of the YTK Association, you can join any time!

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