Increase in earnings-related security

Due to the sudden increase in the cost of living, an additional index raise will be applied to earnings-related unemployment security as of the start of August. The raise will increase the amounts of earnings-related allowances paid out.

Index raise

The Finnish Parliament has approved an additional index adjustment in 2022 for certain benefits tied to the national pensions index. The additional raise will also increase earnings-related daily allowance and its child increases. 

Recipients of the daily allowance do not need to apply separately to receive the raise as we will calculate and adjust the amount of allowance. As a general rule, we will not issue new daily allowance decisions due to the index raise. However, we can issue a decision if requested.

Amount of increase

Before index raise
After the index raise
Basic daily allowance
34,50 €
35,72 €
Increment of the daily allowance
4,91 €
5,08 €
Child increase 1
5,41 €
5,60 €
Child increase 2
7,95 €
8,23 €
Child increase 3+
10,25 €
10,61 €
Inflection point
3 277,50 €
3 393,02 €

The index raise does not directly increase the amount of earnings-related daily allowance. The index raise increases the basic part used to calculate the earnings-related daily allowance. The basic part is equal in amount to the basic daily allowance. We will update our earnings-related daily allowance calculator at the start of August once the index raise takes effect.

On average, the index raise will increase the amount of monthly earnings-related allowance by about 15 to 20 euros.