If I join now, when can I apply for daily allowance?

The coronavirus epidemic has generated worries about the economy and employment. At present, many people are joining the unemployment fund, which is a smart move at this point.

Only as a member of an unemployment fund will you be able to apply for earnings-related daily allowance for the duration of unemployment or lay-off. If you are not yet a member of the unemployment fund, we recommend you to join now.

If you are a member of an unemployment fund and become unemployed or are laid off, we can pay you earnings-related daily allowance on application. There are, however, requirements and restrictions concerning the payment.

We can pay you earnings-related daily allowance, if

It is also required for the payment that

  • You are registered as a job-seeker in the TE Office
  • There are no hindrances for the payment according to the labour policy statement.

The TE Office will send the statement to us. It indicates whether you are a job-seeker and whether you are unemployed.