How this spring’s midweek holidays affect unemployment security

There are 4 midweek holidays (arkipyhä) in April and May this year. The days have a slight impact on unemployment security. Midweek holidays are bank holidays, which means that bank transfers are delayed. Secondly, you may be entitled to midweek holiday compensation from your employer, which must be reported in the application. Midweek holidays also affect our opening hours.

Midweek holidays in spring 2023

  • Good Friday, 7 April 2023
  • Easter Monday, 10 April 2023
  • May Day, 1 May 2023 (Monday)
  • Ascension Day, 18 May 2023 (Thursday)

Our telephone service is closed on midweek holidays

Our telephone service is closed on midweek holidays You can send messages normally in OmaYTK, and Chatbot Iris can also assist you on our website.

On the weekday before the midweek holiday, we may close our telephone service earlier than normal. We will announce possible exceptions to opening hours on our website. On the weekday after the midweek holiday, the telephone service will open according to normal opening hours.

With the exception of automatic payments and possible overtime, we also do not process applications on midweek holidays.  

Midweek holidays affect payment schedules

After we process your application for earnings-related allowances or other benefits, the money usually takes two banking days to appear in your account. If a midweek holiday falls on these days, you will receive your money slightly later.

This spring’s midweek holidays will affect payment schedules as follows:

Date of processing
Midweek holiday
Money in the account
7. - 10.4. Easter
7. - 10.4. Easter
6. - 10.4.
7. - 10.4. Easter
1.5. May Day
28.4. - 1.5.
1.5. May Day
18.5. Ascension Day
18.5. Ascension Day
17. - 18.5.
18.5. Ascension Day

When submitting the application, do not shorten the application period in the hope that we will have time to pay before the midweek holiday. If you shorten the application period, the application contains changes and must be processed manually. This can delay the payment more than the effect of the midweek holiday.

Application for midweek holidays

If you are applying for the daily allowance after a midweek holiday, remember to include any midweek holiday compensation in the application. You may receive midweek holiday compensation if, for example, you work part-time or have been laid off part-time.

If you receive midweek holiday compensation, or if the midweek holiday does not reduce your pay, enter "at work" in your application and the number of working hours that is equivalent to the midweek holiday compensation.

Also indicate in the additional information that the day is a midweek holiday. This way, we can easily determine the correct decision for the application.

You can read more about the effect of midweek holiday compensation on earnings-related allowance in the knowledge bank.