Have you remembered to apply for mobility allowance?

When you take a job that is further away, you can apply for mobility allowance from us. It is therefore not a fitness allowance, but an incentive to increase labour mobility. According to a recent study, the allowance is little used and poorly known.

A chance to look further

Mobility allowance also supports the possibility of applying for work further away. When you get a job further away, you can apply for mobility allowance from us. The mobility allowance is 34,50 € and can be obtained if the commute is more than three hours a day. Truly an excellent benefit!

Read more about the terms and conditions of the mobility allowance.

Poorly known

During the spring, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has studied the use of mobility allowance and found that the benefit is poorly known. According to the study, the allowance is not taken into account when applying for a job, although it could be of wider use when applying for a job.

The good news is that, according to the study, the implementation of the mobility allowance is effective and that mobility allowance is effective in terms of legislation and its application. The development needs relate in particular to clarifying communications towards clients in order to make the terms of the allowance as unambiguous as possible for clients.

Read the report. (in Finnish)