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Greetings from YTK!

I’m happy to say hello just to you. My name is Ilona Kangas, I’m a new employee in YTK and have been a fund member for a little over a year. I’m very happy with both of my choices right now. I work in YTK as Director of Marketing and Communications, so I ponder a lot about what our members are interested in from time to time.

This time the theme of our letter may come as a surprise in January. The theme is contentment. Traditionally people are all but satisfied in January. Your body is either wailing in the crowd on the door of a gym or wondering about the effects of a detox diet on the stomach. Your mind is messed up with all the new resolutions. The winter is often at its coldest, it’s dark, and the windows need cleaning…

We should nevertheless give contentment a chance! We compiled a few neat tricks that are believed to make people more content:

Look at your things with new eyes. Put in circulation or give to your friend a thing that you don’t really need yourself.

Try acceptance. There are matters that you simply can’t do anything about, however many times you tackle them. How about if you tried to accept it for a change?

Come up with a couple of new ideas. Our thoughts tread certain paths and we exchange them mainly with people similar to ourselves. What if you approached about a familiar subject from a brand new angle? Or talk with someone new about a topic you usually discuss with your friends?

We tried it ourselves and ended up satisfied at least with the following:

  1. We said goodbye to the activation model. We tried to look at it with new eyes, but we still found it to be somewhat difficult in practice. 
  2. We accepted the fact that one of our wonderful members left us after retiring on pension. The pain was relieved as that person sent us a bucketful of candy! 
  3. We came up with many new ideas when we met our members at six different coaching events in Helsinki. We talked about familiar topics with new people and got many fine ideas on how we can better support our members at the turning points of their working life in the future. We wish to thank all participants.
Ilona Kangas

Let’s move on and talk to you later!


PS. Have you looked into the benefits intended for the combined members of YTK? You will find them in the YTK Association’s Oma+ service or through this link!