Make your life easier – Go paperless!

Switch to e-invoices and make membership fee payments hassle-free.

Choose the method that works for you:

A. Get payments in order at one go

  1. Order an e-invoice from your online bank according to the bank’s instructions. 
  2. For this, you need the details from your previous invoice. You can find them on the paper invoice or in the OmaYTK online service.

B. Taking it more casually

  1. Log into OmaYTK.
  2. Order an e-invoice request to your online bank.
  3. A prepared request will arrive in your bank within a few days.
  4. Accept the request in your online bank within 30 days.

If you are a member of the YTK Association:

Switch to e-invoices also in the YTK Association

The YTK Association will send you a separate invoice. Place an e-invoice request also for the Association’s invoices. The above instructions apply here as well. Use the OMA+ service instead of OmaYTK.

Thank you for being a member!