Frequently asked questions about membership fee invoicing

We have sent the 2022 membership fee invoices to our members. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

We have sent this year’s membership fee invoices on 3 January 2022. Depending on your billing preference, you have either received an electronic invoice via your online bank or a paper invoice by post to your home address. If you use the OmaPosti service and have authorised YTK to send you letters and invoices electronically, you have received your membership fee invoice in OmaPosti.

When is the due date?

The invoice due date is between 20 January and 4 February 2022, depending on your birth month. The due date is stated on the invoice. You can also check the invoice details in OmaYTK.

Can I postpone the due date?

If you have already applied for daily allowance, the due date cannot be postponed. In this case, the overdue membership fee payment will be deducted from your daily allowance.

If you have not applied for daily allowance, you can postpone the due date of your membership fee or pay it in instalments. You must, however, pay the membership fee in full by 30 April 2022. If you are paying your membership fee in instalments, please use the original invoice reference number for all payments.

Even if you have postponed the due date or are paying the fee in instalments, you will get payment reminders from us if you fail to pay the invoice by the due date.

Can I be exempt from the membership fee?

Your membership status will not remain active unless you pay the membership fee. You need to pay the membership fee even if you are unemployed. The membership fee is the same for all our members, regardless of their situation.

It’s best to remain a member of the unemployment fund even when you are on family leave, on sick leave, studying or doing your military service. If you end your membership, you will lose your right to receive earnings-related daily allowance and the number of working days you have accumulated that count towards the previous employment requirement.

How much is the membership fee?

In 2022, the membership fee is EUR 115.

The membership fee depends on the duration of your membership. If you join in the middle of the year, you will only pay for the remaining months of the year. To verify this, use the membership fee calculator available on our website.

In 2021, the membership fee was EUR 119.

Why is the total on my membership fee invoice €0?

If you paid more than what the membership fee was last year, the total on your membership fee invoice this year will not be EUR 115. We will refund the overpayment by deducting it from the total on your membership fee invoice. For example: if you paid double the amount of the membership fee last year, there will be nothing left to pay this year after the refund.

I joined in the middle of the year. When will I receive the invoice?

If you join the unemployment fund in the middle of the year, we will send you an invoice within a week. Full-year membership fee invoices will be sent to our members in January. This year, the due dates will be between 20 January and 4 February 2022.  Membership fees are normally paid once a year.

You can find your membership fee details in OmaYTK.

How do I order an electronic invoice?

You can order an electronic invoice in your online bank or submit an electronic invoice request via OmaYTK.

If you order the electronic invoice in your online bank, select “Yleinen työttömyyskassa YTK” as the payee. To do this, you will need your unemployment fund membership number and the reference number of the previous invoice. You can see this information in the OmaYTK service.

You can submit an electronic invoice request on the front page of the OmaYTK service under membership fees.

After this, you will receive an electronic invoice request in your online bank. You need to accept it within 30 days. Once you have accepted the request, we will receive an electronic invoicing authorisation from your bank and your invoicing method will be switched to electronic invoicing. If you do not accept the electronic invoicing request within 30 days, the request will disappear and you will not be invoiced electronically.

What happens if I don’t pay my membership fee invoice?

If your payment is overdue, we will send you a reminder, first by email and then by post. When you pay the overdue invoice, you can use the reference number stated either on the original invoice or on the invoice reminder.

If you received an advance notification of the termination of your membership, you should pay your overdue membership fee without delay to ensure that your membership will not be interrupted.

If you have already received a decision to terminate your membership but wish to continue your membership, please contact us without delay by email to [email protected].