Ending membership

If membership in YTK is no longer topical for you, send us a notification of termination.

In your notice, mention your membership number and the date on which you wish your membership in YTK to end. You can use the termination notification form found on our webpage or send us an informal message through OmaYTK.

Once the termination is registered, we can refund you the remaining membership fee for the rest of the year, if you already have paid for membership for the entire year. For refund purposes, include your bank account number in your notice. Sums under 10 € cannot be refunded.

Do not leave your membership fee unpaid even if you wish to end your membership. Neglecting the membership fee will lead to termination from the date for which the membership fee is unpaid. In practice this means that you’ll lose the employment condition gathered so far. If you have already received earnings-related daily allowance, also a recollection of benefits may occur. So, if you wish to terminate your membership, send us a termination notice. We’ll calculate the unpaid membership fees theretofore. By paying those you’ll have a valid membership until the desired date of termination.

Once you retire, send us a notice of termination. Give us the date of beginning of your pension, and we’ll terminate your membership in YTK on that date. Excess membership fees can be refunded, once you give us your bank account number.