Earnings-related unemployment security in the summer

Summer may have some impact on the application process for earnings-related unemployment security. In practice, nothing changes and you can apply for the daily allowance normally during the summer. Next, we’ll go over a few practical points that we receive a lot of questions about over the summer.

How are applications processed in the summer?

Here at the association, we also take holidays and recharge our batteries after a hectic spring. Our summer holidays are scheduled so as to not impact processing times or phone queues. In other words, we will process applications and respond to messages and calls normally all summer. Typically, summer is also a slightly quieter time for us. This can also be seen now that the unemployment rate has been falling and there are fewer applications.

How do I mark holidays on my application?

If you have been laid off temporarily or work part-time, it is possible to apply for earnings-related daily allowance during the same period as your holiday. In the application, mark the days you are on holiday as “on holiday” instead of “unemployed”. Include the payslip showing your holiday pay in the application as we cannot receive sufficient information about holiday pay from the Incomes Register. You can get the information from your employer or payroll officer.

Have a pleasant summer!