Do as follows if you become unemployed

Register as a jobseeker without delay

You can only receive earnings-related daily allowance after you have registered as an unemployed jobseeker in the TE Office. So, you should register on your first day of unemployment at the latest. The easiest way to do it is on the website of the TE Office. You cannot register retroactively, so do not forget to register.

Send your application for daily allowance two weeks later through OmaYTK

When your unemployment has lasted for two weeks, you can send us the first application for daily allowance. The easiest way to do it is in the OmaYTK service. The service will advise and guide you in filling out the application and adding the necessary attachments.

When you enter the first day of unemployment in the application, OmaYTK will suggest an application period extending to Sunday two weeks away. You should follow the application period suggested by OmaYTK. That way the processing of your application will be more straightforward, and you will get your money sooner.

If your unemployment continues, apply for daily allowance in periods of either four weeks or one month. Remember to keep your job-seeking valid in the TE Office.

Remember that we can only pay daily allowance retroactively for a period of three months, so send your application on time!

See here for more detailed instructions on receiving daily allowance.

When you have sent your application

Now you can concentrate on the most important thing – finding a new job. We will process your application for daily allowance as soon as possible. If any essential attachments are missing in your application, we will request them from you right away. Please remember that as a combined member of YTK you can use the YTK Association’s member services for supporting employment, and comprehensive working life insurances.