Do as follows, if you are laid off

Register in the TE Office right away

Register in the TE Office as an unemployed jobseeker on the first day of your lay-off at the latest. The easiest way to do it is on the website of the TE Office. Registering is important, because we cannot pay you earnings-related daily allowance for the period during which you are not an active jobseeker.

Be careful when you file in the registration. Answer the need for evaluation of service and make a job-seeking plan. When asked, say that you are available to the labour market and that you are ready to apply for and take on full-time employment. That may seem strange, but the readiness for job-seeking is also an obligation of laid off employees and a labour policy requirement for the payment of earnings-related daily allowance.

Apply for daily allowance two weeks later

When your lay-off has lasted for two weeks, you can send us your first application for daily allowance. The easiest way to do it is in the OmaYTK service. The service will advise and guide you in filling out the application and adding the necessary attachments.

When you enter the first day of lay-off in the application, OmaYTK will suggest an application period extending to Sunday two weeks away. You should follow the application period suggested by OmaYTK. That way the processing of your application will be more straightforward, and you will get your money sooner.

If your unemployment or lay-off continues, you should follow the application period suggested by OmaYTK, which is either four weeks or one month. You should only adjust the application period if we request you to do so or if your lay-off period ends. Changes in the application period decrease the possibilities to automate the process and the processing of your application will take longer.

A further application is also in question when less than 180 days have lapsed from your previous application period due to lay-off, in which case the condition regarding employment has not been fulfilled between the application periods.

Remember to keep your job-seeking valid in the TE Office throughout your lay-off period. You should also keep in mind that daily allowance can only be applied for three months retroactively, so send your application on time!

Apply according to the salary payment period

Earnings-related daily allowance is applied for in periods of one month or four weeks. If you are in part-time employment or laid off part-time, it is recommended that you apply for a period that matches your salary payment period. Your application will be processed faster, when the application period matches your salary payment period.

If your salary is paid monthly, apply for one-month period. If your salary is paid for either two or four weeks, make an application for four weeks.

If you have been paid off part-time, remember to apply for daily allowance in accordance with your salary payment period either for a full month or four weeks.

When your unemployment ends and you return to full-time employment, you can leave the application period unfinished up to the last day of unemployment.

Please wait patiently, we will ask for the required additional information

Once you have sent the application, you can take a breath and take it easy. We will process your application for daily allowance as soon as possible. If any information is missing in your application, we will request it from you right away.