Check your Incomes Register data

For a few years, we have been using data from the Incomes Register to process allowance applications. When you submit your earnings-related daily allowance application, please check that your income information is correct in the Incomes Register.

Information from the Incomes Register

We need your income information to process your earnings-related daily allowance application. We need this information for assessing whether you fulfil the working condition, calculating the amount of your daily allowance and determining your adjusted daily allowance.

In the past, we used to ask for a separate salary certificate to get this information. Today, we mainly use the Incomes Register. The Incomes Register is the Finnish Tax Administration’s database that employers use to report their employees’ salary information.

Statement on the use of data

When you fill in your application in our electronic service, we ask you to confirm your Incomes Register data. This is due to the Administrative Procedure Act, which states that we must offer you the opportunity to give us an explanation on things that affect the outcome of your application.

This is important because the information in the Incomes Register may be incomplete or incorrect. It may also be that some information has been left unreported. It is important that you check your Incomes Register data and notify us if there is any incorrect or incomplete information.

We ask you to confirm your Incomes Register data even if you have not had any earned income during the period covered by your application. It is possible that your employer may have mistakenly reported that you were paid a salary when, in fact, you were not. This kind of error will recur during the processing of your earnings-related daily allowance application, so it is important that you know what information your employer has reported to the Incomes Register.

Incorrect or insufficient information

When submitting an application that contains changes, you can notify us of any incorrect or insufficient information in the Incomes Register on your allowance application.

If you are submitting a follow-up application while fully unemployed or laid off, notify us of any incorrect or insufficient Incomes Register data by sending us a message. Please do this before submitting your application. Send your application only after you have received a reply from us. This way, your application will be right the first time and you will not need to correct it later.