Can I study on daily allowance?

There are many benefits to studying. It diversifies your skills and improves your chances of finding a job or even changing your field. Unemployment benefit is not in principle intended to support your studies, but there are certain situations where you can study and receive daily allowance at the same time.

Part-time studies that does not lead to a qualification and do not prevent you from applying for and receiving a full-time job. The Labour Market Authority will assess and decide on the impact of your studies on your unemployment benefit. The extent is assessed on the basis of factors such as the degree objective and the number of study points.

Short-term study means that your studies last up to six months. For example, you can use this daily allowance if you are completing a degree that you have not finished.

Labour market training is a service to promote employment. You can find the labour market training that is right for you in the TE services. The labour market authority decides on the selection of students. To take part, you must have a training need identified by the employment authority.

You can also apply for a place and study for a qualification yourself. To be eligible for this kind of self-study, you must be aged 25 or over, have a training need as assessed by the labour market authority and the self-study is appropriate to support your employment.

Always contact the employment services before you start your studies. Together with the labour market authority, you will work out the most suitable service for you. They will also decide whether or not you are entitled to unemployment benefit during your studies.

Also remember that we cannot pay you daily allowance on the basis of your studies alone. You must also meet the other conditions for the daily allowance and have part of the maximum period of payment remaining.

Membership is useful even if you choose to study

In some situations, studying prevents you from receiving an earnings-related daily allowance. However, it is still worth keeping your membership, as you will retain the working conditions you have already accumulated and you will be able to apply for unemployment benefit after you finish your studies if you do not find a suitable job straight away. You can use up to seven years of the working time you have already accumulated before you started your studies.

The YTK Worklife Student Membership is worthwhile when you are not yet working

When you are a full-time student and just taking steps towards working life, a student membership of YTK Worklife can be useful for you. The free student membership includes, among other things, a legal assistant for employment problems, accident insurance for leisure time and an extensive online training library. Student membership does not include membership in the YTK Unemployment Fund. If you work, a YTK Unemployment Fund membership or a combined membership is the most viable option for you.

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