Backlog from the beginning of this year slightly extends processing times – new customer advisors have been hired

Our processing times have become somewhat longer during January and early February. This situation is mainly due to high unemployment and the high number of lay-offs. The weakened coronavirus situation will increase unemployment on top of seasonal unemployment typical at the beginning of the year. This is reflected in the increased number of applications.

We are currently getting a lot of applications for daily allowance. In particular, primary applications for unemployment or lay-offs are laborious to process and have arrived in abundance at the beginning of the year. During January, a total of 81,058 applications arrived to us. The number of applications has grown by 63 % compared to one year ago, which means that more than 30,000 more applications were received than in January 2020.

We will dismantle the queues and prevent them from becoming longer as best we can. In January, ten new customer advisors began working with us to help our members with their matters. We are also preparing new recruitments and continuously developing our customer service to keep our members up-to-date.

Up-to-date information on processing times for different types of applications can be found here.