Applying for daily allowance will become easier

Today, 16 April 2020, we are publishing new guidelines in OmaYTK on how to apply for daily allowance. In the future you can retrieve the required salary information for the application directly from the Incomes Register and provide other required information by yourself. The number of the required attachments will decrease and the processing of the applications will become faster, and you will get your money sooner.

When you apply for earnings-related daily allowance, we need information on the salaries paid to you. Previously we obtained that information from a salary certificate written by the employer. Now we get the information from the Incomes Register to which the employer has reported the salary details.

We have now developed the OmaYTK service so that you can retrieve the salary details from the Incomes Register to your application already while filling the application. When your salary information is already in place in the application, your application can be processed faster.

You can report additional information without separate attachments

If your employer has only reported a single total sum of your salary to the Incomes Register, we will need some additional information. E.g. holiday bonus and holiday compensation need to be specified in the total salary. Now you can conveniently add that information when you file your application in OmaYTK. You will find the required information in your pay slip, and OmaYTK will guide you in filling out the information.

The more accurately you can provide the information, the quicker we will be able to process your application. You need not send any attachments, it is enough to provide the information in the application.

Don’t wait for missing salary information – report it by yourself

If you have been in part-time employment and retrieve your salary details from the Incomes Register, the salaries that were paid on a day during the application period will be reported in the application.

If your employer has not yet reported your salary information to the Incomes Register, you can add the salary information by yourself in the section: “Is the information on employer missing?” Just add the employer and the missing income information. You will find all income types used in the Incomes Register in the quick menus and drop-down menus. Use the amount of the salary before deduction of taxes and other charges i.e. the gross amount as the salary sum.

When you send an application to us, you need not worry. We will move on with your case and if we need any additional information, we will contact you.