Accessibility in YTK means caring

Anne Rautu, YTK's marketing chief

YTK already has nearly half a million members. So, in practice every fifth salaried employee in Finland is a member of YTK. It is clear that such a number includes different people. And we want to help all of them to succeed in the working life – as individuals.

The Act on the Provision of Digital Services entered into force in spring 2019. The Act also includes the requirements of the EU’s Accessibility Directive. The purpose of the Accessibility Directive is to ensure that digital services can be found, used and understood by all users.

Words associated with accessibility, such as “findable, accessible, usable, clear, easy, simple, understandable, logical, 24/7 service” also represent everything that we want to be. For us in YTK, though, accessibility means even more. For us, accessibility means caring and taking notice. We want to help and serve each of our members, i.e. offer help and security to all – individuals.

Our search engine optimised website is easy to find and offers answers in a simple and understandable way. Our online services can be conveniently used despite different limitations of the users. Members’ letters provide information in an understandable and easy-to-read format. Our customer service has long opening hours, we are easy to approach in social media, the OmaYTK service for members offers a self-service channel 24/7, and help is also available from our chatbot at all times of the day.

Our nearly half a million members also challenge us to develop our services continuously to make them better. The world is changing, digital services are evolving, and behaviour is diversified at an increasing rate. That’s why we also need to know our customers in order to be able to provide different and functioning service channels and be present where our customers are. That is why we often approach our customers with different questionnaires and feedback forms. All feedback is aimed at our development and improved service experience, so we highly appreciate the time our customers spend on giving feedback.

Customer feedback from April:

“Clear, easy, logical website. It makes me feel safe and confident, that I am cared about. Thank you!”

Our website was visited almost 10 million times during the past year. As many as 90 per cent of those who gave feedback said that they found the information they were looking for very easily or quite easily. Half a million applications for daily allowance were submitted though OmaYTK during the past year. 86 per cent of the applicants think that the service is convenient. Our online service receives continuously feedback about a fresh and clear design and easy-to-understand content. As many as 93 per cent of our members think that our communication is good!

These figures and feedback make us happy to continue our important work for the accessibility that emphasises the needs of individuals!

Let’s care about each other, take notice of each other and help each other succeed – together.

Anne Rautu, YTK

Anne Rautu, YTK's marketing chief