YTK Member Pulse – What are you and other fund members up to?

We measure the pulse of our members regularly. We want to know how you are doing, what is on your mind and how we have succeeded in serving you. The surveys are part of our customer service and our way of showing you that we care. The responses enable us to anticipate our member’s needs and develop our operations.

This year's first Jäsenpulssi shows hope for better times in the midst of coronavirus restrictions

At the end of January, we ran a another Jäsenpulssi survey to find out about our members’ work and financial situation, their mood and thoughts about the future. The survey was conducted between 15 January and 27 January 2021 and we received over 14 000 responses. A big thank you to everyone!

The results indicate that, in the midst of the difficult and uncertain coronavirus situation, optimism is arising in many of the sectors affected by the epidemic. In the same sectors, however, many also fear a deterioration in the current job situation, which suggests continued uncertainty due to, among other things, new virus conversions and restrictive measures.

What does the work situation of our members look like for the rest of the year?

We asked our members about their working and financial situation, mood, and outlook for the future in the Member Pulse survey at the end of August. We also asked our members to share their views on the coronavirus situation, the general earnings-related unemployment benefit that was the at the heart of public debate in the summer, and for feedback on our operations. The survey was open between 14 August and 21 August 2020. We received over 8,000 responses – thank you all! The results show that the employment situation continues to be unstable for many members in the autumn as well. The uncertainty surrounding employment also affects many plans for the future, as more and more people say that they have considered applying for new jobs, fields or studies. Will this difficult situation eventually give rise to some new beginnings?

May 2020 Member Pulse

The first Member Pulse surveying the situation of our member base was sent out in May 2020, when the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic was in full force. We received a huge number of responses – more than 21,000 in fact! The results showed that the coronavirus situation hit certain sectors and groups worse than others. The responses were understandably full of concern and uncertainty, but there was also some hope for new opportunities.