What is YTK?

General unemployment fund YTK is Finland's biggest and most popular unemployment fund. The best thing about YTK is that we like our members and our members like us. In fact, the reason why YTK is Finland's largest unemployment fund is because of our members. They recommend us to their friends and loved ones.

​​​​​​​Our job is to provide earnings-related security to our members. We secure the livelihood of our members during unemployment, lay-off, part-time work, part-time entrepreneurship and alternation leave.

Unemployment security is frustratingly complicated, because it is mostly about livelihood, which is far from fun. When security is complicated, it's easy to worry. We don't think it should be this way and that is why we do everything to make sure that the unemployment security would be fast, flexible and simple for you.

You can read more about our tasks here.

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Finland's largest and most diverse group of members

We are proud of our members who represent employees from all sectors. There is already over 500,000 of us. The number amounts to over 20 per cent of wage earners in Finland.

We want to know what our members think, what they consider important and what they want. Our members' service experience guides our every step of development.

This works because it makes our work meaningful and rewarding, and the direct feedback we have received from our clients has helped us to take our service to the top – thank you for that!

20 %

There is over 500,000 of us. The number amounts to over 20 % of wage earners in Finland.


Our values


Change is an opportunity

Work is important. We have the courage to experiment, ask and impact issues, so that we can support the working life and you.

Each of us walks an individual path in working life. We look for new ways to bring work and employees together.

We build new services that help improve the Finnish working life.

Changing is not easy, it takes support and courage.

Your guide

In the event of unemployment, we will be your guide.  You don't have to worry about things alone – it’s a matter of honour for us to help you in the sometimes complicated labyrinths of unemployment security.  For example, if we ask for additional information, we will tell you what we need it for.

Each of us walks an individual path in working life. We want to equally guide and coach everyone equally and provide the resources to the best possible working life.

Courageous debater

Communication is interaction, a shared exchanging of ideas. When we share knowledge and experiences, we can develop what is good and change the things that are not working.

We courageously discuss working life and changing it. We want to be direct, fair and real. Without courage, many things remain unsaid and are therefore misunderstood.