Our telephone service (open mon-thu between 10 am and 2 pm) is now busy. Our customer service point in Loimaa is closed until further notice. Contact us via OmaYTK.

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Customer service

Our customer service is now busy. Please note that it is quite likely that there is already an answer to your question on our website, so we recommend you start there. Our chatbot (Iiris) can also help with a lot of questions. As a third option, we recommend you  make contact via OmaYTK, and if you still need assistance after that, give us a call. Thank you for your co-operation!


General guidelines

    1. Register as a job-seeker in the TE Office as soon as you are laid off or given a notice of termination. A statement of the TE Office on the lay-off or unemployment is a requirement for the payment of daily allowance, and it cannot be made valid retroactively. File your registration online at te-palvelut.fi.
    2. Ask your employer already before the lay-off to use the greater level of detail in reporting the income to the Incomes Register and give all voluntary information if there is any. In that case it is highly likely that we will have direct access to all the information we need to calculate your unemployment daily allowance.
    3. Request a tax card for a benefit in the online service of the Tax Administration. In the same place where you enter an estimate on the amount of the benefit you can name General Unemployment Fund YTK as the recipient of the tax information. Then the Tax Administration will send the new tax information directly to us. That way we can implement the tax withholding directly using the percentage of the revised tax card. If we have your tax card calculated for salary, the tax withholding is then at least 25%. We have received your tax card for salary automatically from the Tax Administration if you have been our member last year.
    4. When your lay-off or unemployment has lasted for a minimum of two weeks, you should make an application for daily allowance through OmaYTK. The service will guide you in filling out the application. If your lay-off or unemployment lasts for less than two weeks, you can make an application as soon as your lay-off/unemployment has ended.
    5. If the lay-off or unemployment continues, you should make a further application retroactively at four-week or one-month intervals. Please remember that daily allowance have to be applied for retroactively within three months at the latest. It means that we cannot pay daily allowance for a retroactive period longer than three months.

    Read more about lay-off >>

  • As a general rule, you need not send a salary certificate to us, because we get the information from the Incomes Register. Ask your payroll clerk to use the greater level of detail in reporting the income to the Incomes Register. That will ensure that we can process the application using only the information in the Incomes Register, and we need not request additional information from you for processing the application. It does no harm to send the salary certificate, but it is not necessarily needed.

    • If you are unemployed, the pandemic caused by the coronavirus shall not as a general rule change your situation in terms of unemployment security. You should continue job-seeking as per normal and send your applications for daily allowance as before.
    • If you are receiving earnings-related daily allowance and fall ill, you should keep applying for daily allowance as per normal. Short-time illness does not affect your right to receive unemployment benefit.
    • If the illness lasts for more than 10 days, you should mention in the application for daily allowance that you have been ill, and apply for sickness daily allowance from Kela
    • If you fall ill so seriously that you are hospitalised or put in other institutional care, you should also mention that in the application. When you are in institutional care, according to the law you are not available to the labour market. You are not entitled to receive earnings-related daily allowance for such a period.

    Earnings-related daily allowance and illness

Earnings-related daily allowance

    • Coronavirus in itself is not a viable reason for lay-off, but the epidemic may cause difficulties to the company in terms of economy and/or production e.g. in a situation in which it is not possible to work at the workplace due to lack of materials or customers. In that case the reason is attributable to the employer, and it is possible to lay-off employees.
    • If you are not ill and could go to the workplace, but working is prevented there due to an epidemic of a communicable disease, the employer is obliged to pay salary for 14 days as per normal. If working continues to be prevented after that period, you can apply for unemployment daily allowance. Receiving a benefit requires that you have registered as a job-seeker in the TE Office, and the TE Office will issue a statement to the payer of the benefit on a reason comparable to lay-off.

    Check the situation with your employer and register in the TE Office as soon as your working is prevented.

  • It is possible to agree on a notice period for lay-off shorter than 14 days by a collective agreement. The Government has proposed that the notice period for lay-off be shortened to 5 days, but it has not yet been recorded in the law, and the details are not known.

    Check the notice period for lay-off with your employer. Register in the TE Office on the first lay-off day at the latest.

  • The Government has proposed that the right to lay off would also concern fixed-term employment relationships. It has not yet been recorded in the law, and the details are not known.

    Check the situation with your employer and register in the TE Office on the first lay-off day at the latest.

  • Sickness allowance on account of an infectious disease does not prevent the payment of earnings-related daily allowance, but it will be reduced from the earnings-related daily allowance to be paid i.e. it is a reduced benefit. It may be applied, if you have been in part-time employment and you are ordered to quarantine. If you have been in full-time employment, in practice you cannot receive unemployment benefit for the same period for which you receive sickness allowance on account of an infectious disease.

    Kela may pay sickness allowance on account of an infectious disease, when the employee has been ordered to stay away from their job due to prevention of the spreading of an infectious disease, such as coronavirus. The custodian of a child under 16 is entitled to receive sickness allowance on account of an infectious disease, if the child has been ordered to quarantine, and the custodian is unable to work because of that. For more information see Kela’s website.

  • Earnings-related daily allowance cannot be paid, because your employment relationship has not ended and you have not been laid off.

  • If the TE Office decides to interrupt coaching or trial related to TE services due to compelling circumstances, the TE Office will not send a request for information to the job-seeker to determine the right to receive unemployment benefit, and no waiting period without compensation or obligation to work will be set due to the termination of the service.

    We will process the application for daily allowance on the basis of the valid statement of the TE Office. If the service has been suspended or interrupted, the applicant for daily allowance is not entitled to receive increased earnings-related daily allowance or reimbursement of costs.

  • The Government is preparing amendments to the Unemployment Security Act. Nothing has yet been recorded in the law, and all details are not known.

    Read here what amendments to the law have been proposed.


  • The coronavirus epidemic has generated worries about the economy and employment. At present, many people are joining the unemployment fund, which is a smart move at this point. If you are a member of an unemployment fund and become unemployed or are laid off, we can pay you earnings-related daily allowance on application. There are, however, requirements and restrictions concerning the payment. Continue reading >>

  • OmaYTK is the easiest and fastest way to check whether your membership is valid.

    1. Log in OmaYTK. To log in you need either online banking codes, mobile certificate or a certificate card. See here for more detailed instructions on logging in.
    2. Check in OmaYTK that the status of your membership fee is paid. If you are a member of both the YTK Unemployment Fund and the YTK Association, the status of the membership fees is shown separately for each membership.
    3. If your membership fee has been paid, your membership is valid.
    4. If your membership fee is unpaid, you should pay it immediately. Only by paying the membership fee will you ensure that your membership remains valid. If you have just paid the membership fee, there is a delay of a few banking days before the information is updated in OmaYTK.

    The membership of the unemployment fund alone does not guarantee that you are entitled to receive earnings-related daily allowance. See here for more detailed information on what are the requirements for receiving earnings-related daily allowance.