Payment Reminder

You are at risk of losing your income protection. Please take action immediately.

Did you know that your General unemployment fund YTK membership fee is unpaid? If you do not pay the bill, we will have to end your membership. This will mean you lose your opportunity to receive income protection when unemployed.


  1. Check that you have received the membership fee bill. It is sent either by mail or by e-invoice directly to your online bank.  If you are an OmaPosti (formerly Netposti) customer, the bill may have been sent there. If you are not actively using Omaposti, remove the General unemployment fund YTK from the list of post senders.
  2. If you can't find the bill, sign in to the OmaYTK service. You will find the latest membership fee bill there. Signing in can be done easily using your banking codes – you don't need to remember your login details.
  3. Please pay the membership fee immediately. 
  4. Check that your contact details are up-to-date in the OmaYTK service. Create an e-invoice authorization for us so that next year’s membership fee will be sent directly to your online bank. You can find the information you need about e-invoices in the OmaYTK service
  5. Breathe a sigh of relief. You have done what you needed to do and made sure that your income protection continues.


  1. If YTK membership is no longer relevant for you, for example if you have retired already, please send us a cancellation notification immediately. You can fill out the form here
    If the membership fee has not been paid, the date of cancellation must be 1 January 2020.
  2. Want to discuss how to extend your payment period? Contact us immediately at [email protected] 
  3. According to article 4 of the YTK rules, a member who has not paid their membership fee by the due date given in the bill may have their YTK membership ended starting from the date when the membership fees were overdue. 


If you have any questions about your membership, you can send a message to [email protected] 

Best regards
YTK Customer Service