Recruitment days 2017

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    As a combined member you have the opportunity to participate, free of charge, in recruitment events arranged by the YTK Association. At the events touring under the theme “a good day” you will get

    • up-to-date information on today’s job-seeking
    • tips for identifying and presenting your own expertise

    There is room for the first 100. Registering starts on this page about a month before the event.

    Self-study videos

    Aid for job-seeking, entrepreneurship, well-being, career planning and rocognizing you own skills. Over 50 self-study videos on important working life related topics are available. Whether you are looking for work, pondering about work/life balance, or trying to enhance your own well-being, you will find support from the videos created by career coaches and well-being professionals (psychologists). New videos ar out monthly in 2018:

    Watch a demo video

    Visual CV
    Your talent profile
    Cognitive ergonomics
    Five strong steps to
    a strong message
    Utilizing social media in
    Various career anchors
    Psychology of success
    elevator pitch
    Effective networking
    Effective communication
    at workplace
    Life management by
    Don't shudder, network
    for your benefit!
    Selling your added value
    to employers
    Building reltionships
    by interaction
    Emotional resources in
    working life
    TEKES innovation

    The service is created by the virtual career coaching UP! Partners. You can find the video library through your member pages OmaYTK

    Online coaching in job-seeking

    This service is only available to the combined members of YTK who are members of both the unemployment fund and the YTK Association.

    As a combined member you have the opportunity to participate at a member price in online coaching in job-seeking provided by Cimson Koulutuspalvelut which will give you encouragement and ideas for job-seeking. After receiving the entry codes you can study for a month at your own pace, regardless of time and place.

    Online coaching can be complemented with personal guidance. In that case the instructor will give you guiding feedback on the job-seeking documents and the virtual interview you have completed during the training.

    10 steps of coaching

    1. Introduction

    2. Career planning

    3. Own expertise

    4. Labour markets

    5. Marketing of expertise

    6. Meta skills in job-seeking

    7. Job-seeking texts

    8. Telephone communication in job-seeking

    9. Job interview

    10. Job-seeking plan

    Online coaching € 20
    Online coaching plus personal feedback € 60

    The price will be invoiced one month after registering. 


    Back to Work

    This service is only available to the combined members of YTK who are members of both the unemployment fund and the YTK Association.

    If you have been made redundant or are under such threat, you may be accepted to a job-seeking support programme, co-arranged by the YTK Association, ManpowerGroup and Right Management, which provides coaching in efficient and productive job-seeking.

    The duration of the Back to Work programme is either 2, 3 or 6 months, and its goal is to place the participant quickly back to the labour market. You will be assigned a dedicated career coach who will help you to map your strengths, determine your career goals and start an efficient job-seeking campaign. You will get individual support tailored exactly to your needs and situation at different stages of job-seeking.

    Before submitting a request for contact, familiarise yourself with the content and the price of different programme alternatives.

    Sign up by submitting a request for contact if​​​​​​​

    • you are an employee and want ManpowerGroup to contact you for supporting your re-employment

    • you represent an employer and want to hear more about how to use the member benefit in your own organisation

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