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Continuous employment is fortunate but not self-evident. When you don’t have a job, you get security from YTK. ​​​​​​​We serve you swiftly and straightforward in all matters related to unemployment security. As a fund member you can also join into YTK Association and get support in other challenges of working life, for example in the event of illegal termination of employment or when seeking a new job.



You will be a member of both
​​​​​​​General unemployment fund YTK and
​​​​​​​the YTK Association.


Fund membership

As a member of the fund you will only be covered by earnings-related security.


Membership in
YTK Association

Complete your membership in YTK fund by joining the YTK Association.

Some important points:

Your membership will start at the earliest from the day on which we receive your membership application.

You cannot join an unemployment fund while unemployed, but you need to have a valid employment relationship.

To ensure your membership you need to pay your membership fee; you will receive an invoice about one week after joining.

The membership fees of General unemployment fund YTK and the YTK Association will be invoiced separately.

You can read more about the terms and conditions and obligations related to joining here.


Unemployment security

Leisure time accident insurance

Legal expenses insurance

General liability insurace

Legal advice on employment relationships

Support for job-seeking

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