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Work done outside EU/EEA countries and Switzerland cannot be included in the condition regarding employment in Finland. Your work in third countries only accumulates the condition regarding employment in case it is work done at the service of a Finnish employer as a posted employee. When you return to Finland, you are entitled to receive earnings-related daily allowance paid by a Finnish unemployment fund, if:

  • You have retained your membership in a Finnish unemployment fund during your period of work. Please note that it is not possible to join as unemployed when you return from third countries.
  • You live in Finland and fulfil the other requirements for the payment of daily allowance in accordance with the Unemployment Security Act. If required, we will ask from Kela a decision on residing in Finland.

A posted employee working at the service of the State of Finland in a representation located abroad shall always be insured in Finland. The unemployment insurance of locally hired personnel will also remain in Finland, if they have been covered by Finnish unemployment insurance immediately before the beginning of their employment.

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